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Aurora is a web based a solar system sandbox game. It runs in the browser with the Unity3D plugin. There is no end goal in Aurora, it is as much a toy and it is a game. Players can create planets by using gravity physics gameplay to crash asteroids together. Each different world biome will grow unique life forms, with unique monuments. Players can expand their solar systems area of influence by growing life bearing planets. High scores and achievements are saved. Aurora is a very visual game, with attention to ambience, flow, sound, music, and mood. There is minimal user interface. Aside from a short tutorial, most learning is done through trial and error. The game cannot be won, nor can the game be lost. After a ten minute timer, players have the option to end the game by triggering a supernova, or continue playing with the solar system. There are options to run the game fullscreen or view it embedded in the page. The game has been featured on kongregate.com, the SETI blog, and the Vancouver Film School blog. Aurora was developed by four Students as their final project in the Vancouver Film School game design program in 2011.